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Stinky, Blue, and Fabulous!

Remember those days in Primary School when the little rascal kids let off stink bombs for mid-day amusement? Well, think of that times a gazillion, but be taken away not by the stench, but by the beauty that is Roger Hiorns’ “Seizure”.

Nominated for the 2009 Turner Prize, the installation is definitely not art for your everyday, but is breathless just the same. Why is it stinky? Read on!


It’s not paint, it’s not fairy dust, and it’s not vandalism by Papa Smurf, but Roger Hiorns actually filled this abandoned flat by covering the walls with 80,000 litres of a copper sulphate solution, which was poured through from a hole in the ceiling. Once the temperature of the room began to fall, the crystals began to form. Amazing!


The winner for the 2009 Turner Prize was recently named, and unfortunately it wasn’t Roger Hiorns, but I don’t think he’ll be feeling blue anytime soon!

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