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Staying True, Sana Park

Crushing over our tote bags we released at Comic Con last month? Us too. We had lots and lots of input over what exactly should go on those bags, but major props go to Sana Park, our illustrator extraordinaire and erstwhile intern. Her talents really made Dinozilla and Super Nori tote bags come to life.

Sana is an illustration student studying at Art Center College of Design, where she’ll be graduating this fall. We’re totally loving her work, so we decided to chat with Sana to see what lies beneath her unassuming demeanor. Say hello to Sana!

What three words describe you best?
Versatile, open-minded, curious.

What three words describe your style?
Playful, quirky, nostalgic.

When not drawing/illustrating/designing, what would you be doing?
Reading, writing, thinking, gardening, and sometimes hiking with my dogs.

What are three songs you love working to and why?
Jerome and I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li has been on heavy rotation on my playlist recently. Anything by Flying Lotus or CocoRosie is great too. I need to work with music that matches my mood.

Why Art Center?
Being here has taken me to so many new places, experiences, and people. I feel that I’ve grown in so many ways personally and with my work. There are so many great instructors and invaluable resources.

What are your favorite spots/hangouts on campus and why?
Art Center is on a hill and surrounded by nature. I love stepping out to take a breather and admire the view especially at night.

Coolest thing about Art Center?
Other than being located on top of a hill? Its really nice when you catch a glimpse of the wildlife. I’ve seen rabbits, lots of deer, and even a pack of coyotes.

View from the Art Center building by jm3.

What’s your favorite subject? Why?
Painting, because lately I’ve been enjoying working larger and away from paper.

How did you first find Poketo?
I’ve always been familiar with Poketo. However, it wasn’t until my teachers who’ve done wallets for Poketo, Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, mentioned it that I considered the possibility of interning here.

Why intern at Poketo?
You work on fun projects and learn a lot from all the amazingly creative people here at the studio.

Speaking of fun projects, you designed those awesome tote bags for Comic Con. How did you come up with those designs?
I start by simply doodling every single idea I come up with. Drawing a cute superhero character was a no brainer, just add a cape to Angie and Ted’s already adorable dog, Nori! I came up with the Dinozilla drawing next because I wanted to add a design that was more masculine to balance the super cute SuperNori.

What do you think is the number one lesson you learned throughout the process?
I learned not over think things. Being a first time Comic Con goer, I spent time trying to make ‘clever’ drawings that pertained strongly to Comic Con, but in the end, simplicity won. What I can take away from this for my next experience, is to listen to and stay true to myself.

How did you feel seeing the final product with your drawings on it?
It’s very exciting! It’s amazing to see my drawings in production. I think it will be surreal seeing people toting my drawings there.

If you were a Poketo item, what would you be and why?
The crayon ring in blue, so I can doodle anywhere I go!


Find more of Sana at

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