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Starry Kitchen, full of surprises…

We work hard here at the Poketo studio. But, what’s new? We always hustle to bring the best and brightest, having fun and experimenting simultaneously. Working from the ground up, that’s the way we do it and everyone (that’s you reading this) along for the ride is right there with us. When it’s crazy busy, our Downtown Los Angeles offers some respite which most of the time for us, involves food. Angie had a spontaneous craving for Starry Kitchen. The Poketo crew will not argue with that.

Starry Kitchen is the now the legit LA restaurant that once started out as an underground kitchen out of the apartment of owners Thi and Nguyen Tran. Hmmmmm, sounds very familiar. You’d have to be in the know to find out when Thi and Nguyen would do their underground dinners… but, now, countless hours of sweat equity, a love for food, and a voracious fan base that spread their dream word of mouth, Thi and Nguyen opened up their first restaurant back in 2009. Two years later, Starry Kitchen is now a well established restaurant, but, still full of surprises.

Ang, Nguyen (Starry Kitchen), and Ted

Nguyen and Thi rotate the menu weekly which is what keeps things interesting. You never really know what is on the menu until you arrive. They are always trying out new recipes and this keeps things interesting, experimental, and fun. One thing for sure is that it’s always delicious.

As a matter of fact, tomorrow, their special pho will be on the menu. This is something that is rarely on the menu. From talking to Nguyen, this is a broth that’s been brewing for hours and hours and hours… I forget, I think he mentioned a full day. I forget exactly, but, when you go, just look for the very energetic and awesome guy in the front… ask Nguyen anything, he is not shy and he’ll let you know exactly what’s up (he’s known to be so stoked on his customers and excited about the food that, well, he kicks holes in the wall). It’s true, Starry Kitchen is far from a hole in the wall, but, yes, there is a hole in the wall.

pick your protein first....

Starry Kitchen

lunch at Starry Kitchen


lunch at Starry Kitchen

Angie, Nguyen, and Charlie

going up...

Nguyen and Ted

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