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Staff Picks: Tina Miyakawa

We asked our in-house graphic designer, Tina Miyakawa, to share her favorite current Poketo products. With an eye for minimalist design and bold colors, plus a penchant for tiny objects, these picks came as no surprise.

Suzanne Sullivan Porcelain Tumblers for Poketo
Suzanne Sullivan is one of my favorites! I was so excited about this collection for Poketo. I love the way each one is a unique reflection of the hand; the pinch marks and line weights are so beautiful. She also makes the dreamiest spoons.

Mon Cahier Planner
The Mon Cahier Planner is a really satisfying way to stay organized. I look forward to writing down my schedule and daily notes, plus plenty of room for to-do lists and doodles.

I like that this can function in a number of different ways; I think that’s really interesting. It looks great as a plant stand or sitting on a shelf. White is the most appealing to me, but they are all really lovely. All of Eric Trine’s work is really lovely!

Japanese Enamel Butter Pan
I don’t own this one yet, but I stare at it every day on my way into the office. I’m not sure if I have a need to melt butter (is that what this is for?) but I think it would work great for heating small amounts of milk for tea. It’s perfect, along with the rest of the Kaico Enamel collection.

Spoon & Well Set
I really like tiny spoons, so the fact that this tiny spoon came with a tiny bowl was pretty exciting for me. I keep it on my kitchen counter and use it for salt and spices.

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