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Spike Jonze Does Robot Love



I was so happy to hear that Spike Jonze teamed up with yet another company, Absolut, to create a 30-minute robot love story that was featured at Sundance 2010. Titled, I’m Here, the short film–or really really long advertisement, doesn’t feature any blatant plugs of the vodka, but like any other ad that’s out there, it’s suggestive. The movie’s trailer seems pretty cute. But when you get down to it, it’s an advertisement for alcohol, and tells us that by consuming Abolut, we too can have “out-of-the-ordinary” experiences.

True that.

Remember this hilarious IKEA commercial he did back in the day?

And my favorite, the mini music vid he did for Lakai. Pretty much the only thing I’ve seen out there that’s made me so moved by the actual sport of skateboarding. So beautiful.

Love that “Lone Ranger” touch he does at the end as the skateboarder rides into the sunset.

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