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SPACETIME Galaxy! by Alex Cornell of ISO50


Alex Cornell, one of the writers for the amazing design, music, and culture blog ISO50, sent us awesome photos of the SPACETIME Galaxy he created! We absolutely love the way he used his whiteboard to incorporate SPACETIME Wall Decals with his own narration. It looks great and it seems like he had a ton of fun! Just comes to show that you can use SPACETIME Wall Decals however you want, wherever you want. Thanks Alex and ISO50!! Read on about Alex’s SPACETIME experience.




Alex says, “I spent my morning pasting up the decals and my galaxy is displayed above. This was extremely fun; just pasting things every which way and creating something wacky on the spot. Compared to my normal, highly regimented routine on the computer, this was a refreshing change of pace. I find that I do less and less work “offline” so to speak, and it’s great to spend some time creating without a mouse and keyboard (or design brief and deadline for that matter). My roommates were surprised to find our whiteboard transformed into a very unusual (and exciting) combination of space diagrams and whimisical illustrations. ‘Wonderfully weird’ we determined.”

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