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SPACETIME Co-Curator Kitsune Noir Interview!

Introducing, our co-curator for the SPACETIME Collection and LA-based blogger, Bobby Solomon a.k.a. Kitsune Noir! His design and culture blog has been a source of inspiration for thousands of readers world-wide. And it just keeps getting better! We’re thrilled to have curated this collection with him.


Hi Bobby! How are you today?

I’m doing great. It’s been ultra-busy around the Kitsune Noir HQ but that’s the way it should be!

You’ve co-curated our upcoming SPACETIME Collection. What does the concept “SPACETIME” mean to you? Where would you create your own universe?

SPACETIME to me was all about the esoteric idea of space, how huge and mysterious it is. I think space has always been so interesting to us as a race and I think it always will be. So it’s a great source of inspiration. Trying to realize and visualize all the crazy things out there is kind of mind boggling.

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Describe a normal day for you.

Usually I wake up around 9 AM and check my email and my Twitter. After that I shower and make some breakfast and then start posting around noon-ish. From there I tend to start reading what other people are posting as well as returning emails. Sometimes in the afternoon I like to sneak out to Intelligentsia for a coffee and read whatever book my nose is stuck in. At night I like to try and see my boyfriend or hang out with friends. And then late night I’m playing computer games or doing some more late night posts.

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You have an immense amount of readers who subscribe and keep up with your blog daily–and it’s still growing! Your blog has become a source of inspiration for designers and artists all over. How did you begin blogging and what was your first real post about?

Yeah, it’s crazy how the blog has grown since I started it two and half years ago. Kitsune Noir was my way of sharing interesting things with like-minded people. I would tell my friends or my mother about something rad I found online but they didn’t have the same enthusiasm as I did. Posting these things online and having a good aesthetic wrapped around it all really seemed to attract people.

My first real post was Converse and Nom De Guerre shoe collaboration, which as first posts go is pretty great. You can read it here.

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You’re a graphic designer yourself. Do you have a design philosophy you go by?

My design philosophy would probably simple and easy to understand. I think making things easy to process for anyone and everyone is sort of key. I think people try too hard to make things “cool” when they should be more worried about making things clear and approachable. When you look at some of the best blogs on the web, simplicity is always a uniting factor.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever got to do through your blogging career?

I think so far this collaboration with Poketo is the best thing I’ve gotten to do! I’d been a big fan of Poketo for a long time so it was really great to not only meet with Ted and Angie but to work together with them as well. I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished together and I really feel like people are going to dig it.


We’re glad to be able to work with you too! Anything you’ve been raving about lately?

My new favorite thing is this old, black Schwinn bike I just recently bought. I’ve been wanting a bike for months now and I finally got one and it’s been wonderful to ride around town. It’s still a bit scary riding in L.A. traffic but so far I’m still in one piece.

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