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SPACETIME artist interview: Mike Perry gives us the scoop on his designs and what’s next for him

One of our amazing artists from the SPACETIME Collection is none other than the great Mike Perry. Mike works from his studio in Brooklyn, NY creating all sorts of wonderful artwork and typefaces for books, his magazine “Untitled,” apparel, and so much more. It’s safe to say that everything he makes is kind of awesome. On top of that, he’s just a really cool guy and it was a total pleasure working with him. Make sure to check out his SPACETIME designs!


What was your concept for the SPACETIME Collection?

Spacetime is something I think about a lot. So when this project came through it was already on my mind. I had page after page of notes in my pocket notebook filled with thoughts / poems on the subject. I felt a little uncomfortable about the project because I felt that it was encroaching on my personal work. But instead of pushing it away I looked at it as an opportunity to explore. And in the end 2 of the pieces have made their way into a recent show I had. 


Mike Perry Wallet


Mike Perry T-shirt

Awesome! And what was your inspiration behind your designs?


Can you tell us a bit about how your career in art began?

Like most people. I drew a lot as a child. It lead me to art classes and then to art school. I studied painting but while in school, fell in love with Graphic Design. Graduated with a degree in design and started my career. Got hired at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia which is where I met Damien Correll (also participating in this project). Left that job 5 years ago and started my studio in Brooklyn. 


What’s a typical day for you?

I am a morning person. So I usually wake up early and try and get done as much as I can before lunch. Post lunch I try and do a more hands on activities like screen print. 


You’ve done everything from books, illustrations, shirts, boards, magazines, to tape, bandages, and the list goes on. They’re all pretty fantastic. Were you always confident with your work or is that something that developed over time for you?

I am pretty confident. But really just make the things that make me happy and hope that others feel the same way. It doesn’t always work out. I have plenty of projects that I am not happy with. But I don’t let them get me down and just keep making.


An album that you’ve played until it got raw is:

A River Ain’t Too Much to Love – Smog

What materials do you use most when you’re working?


Is there anything coming up that you’re looking forward to?

I am part of a group show in San Fran at Giant Robot SF. I am working away on a new book. And most excitingly getting working on a big big show in Minneapolis that is in March 2010!


All sounds good! All the best with your shows. And we’ll be looking forward to that new book!

To see more of Mike Perry’s works, please visit
For Mike’s SPACETIME designs, visit
The SPACETIME Collection was co-curated by Poketo and Kitusne Noir

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