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SPACETIME artist interview: Damien Correll talks space-time and his earliest memories of art

Artist Damien Correll is another one of our stellar artists for the SPACETIME Collection. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a creative partner for the design studio, Part & Parcel. If you’re reading this now, you’ve probably come across some of his amazing work already. His thoughtful interpretations of themes through his designs and illustrations, coupled with his exploratory typefaces have graced the covers of major publications, records, apparel, skateboards, and more. We’re so excited to have him in our SPACETIME Collection. Read on!


SPACETIME Wall Decal – Damien Correll

What was your concept of SPACETIME? And what is your inspiration behind your shapes?

Not to get massively heady but, I originally drew inspiration from the mathematical model of space-time. In physics the common diagram that represents space-time distortion is this beautiful displaced grid that is being affected by this surreal gravitational pull on a sphere. The grid ends up taking this cone-like shape, and that is really where I started to divert into these different types of cone shapes and mazes.


Damien Correll Wallet


Damien Correll T-Shirt

You’ve done some awesome typefaces for different clients. What about type attracts you? Do you have any that you’re particularly proud of?

Thank you. The levels of distortion one can lay on to type and yet still get a point across has always attracted me to type-making. Because most everyone understands the basic fundamentals of type, and because letters have been around for thousands and thousands of years, there is this rich history and an established starting point. From there it is all about abstraction and how far you can push and pull it all the while making it (fairly) legible.

I wouldn’t say there is a particular face or treatment I am more fond of than others. I really look at them as experiments. Sure some have stuck around a bit longer than others, but I rarely devote enough time into flushing out a cohesive system. I leave that up to the real typographers.


What was your earliest and fondest memory of making art?

You know what is funny, I cannot remember my earliest moment of making art. The earliest art-related memory I have is begging my mother to break out the finger paints again and her reluctantly listening to me after my persistence. So whatever that first moment may have been, it was surely a messy one.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Usually thinking about work.


There is a particular color palette that you use. Is that intentional? Or do you just gravitate to those colors?

Color is hugely important to me and my work. I spend a great deal of time working on color and color combinations. I tend to develop a new palette and run with it every 9 months or so. Not sure why and how that process developed, but I can usually date my work purely based on the colors I used.

What one thing everyone should try in their lifetime?

Wearing someone else’s shoes, both figuratively and literally.


Any other mediums that you want to venture into in the future?

Actually as of the last couple of weeks I have been working on this in-camera kinetic animation (as I have been calling it) with my partner at Part & Parcel, Garrett Morin. It sort of feels like stop-motion, but all the movement is happening by way of gravity and practical elements interacting together.

Thanks Damien! Sounds interesting. All the best with everything to come.

To see more of Damien’s work, visit

To see Damien’s designs in the SPACETIME Collection, go to

The SPACETIME Collection is co-curated by Poketo and Kitsune Noir.

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