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Sonic Scenery at NHM, Los Angeles

There is a really cool exhibition called Sonic Scenery at The Natural History Museum, Los Angeles. Sound artists and musicians including Matmos, Autolux, Ozomotli, Languis and Nobody create their own soundscape for the museum and each interpret different rooms in the space. (By the way, you can see the wallets we made for Autolux, designed by Chris Pew) Matmos played a live, silent set in the animal room. Listeners had to plug into the many headphone hubs in the room to hear the performance. Minus the headphones, all you hear and see is Matmos gently playing instruments and the occasional light sounds of them plucking and pressing. But, through the headphones, it was a full soundscape of bleeps and blips and their very gentle, subtle sounds that they were making right then and there. Other live, notable sets included Languis and Poly. All of the soundscapes are podcasted via the NHM site, there are 21 tracks to stick on your ipod for a different museum experience.

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