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Silence is Golden

Who said intelligence is about test scores, being culturally integrated, or collecting initials after your name. Granted, these are all important and very significant in today’s competitive world, however sometimes, silence is golden. Actions definitely speak louder than words, and in this case, artist Stephen Wiltshire‘s actions speak volumes.

Diagnosed with Autism and growing up mute until the age of 9, many may have overlooked his predilection for drawing if it weren’t for his teachers at Queensmill School in London, who encouraged him to pursue his artwork.



A genius in his own category altogether, Stephen’s drawings began to become more and more comprehensive, until he began drawing exact scenes from memory. Most recently, after a 20 minute helicopter ride above New York City, Stephen sketched the whole skyline over a period of 5 days, perfectly scaled with precise building locations, all from memory!


Beautifully Amazing!

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