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Choosing the Perfect Houseplant with Léon & George

Written in collaboration with Léon& George.

When plant delivery service Léon & George brought in new green friends into all four of our Los Angeles locations, Poketo's brick-and-mortars instantly came alive. Their presence lifted up each space with their majestic grace, strong elegance, and quiet love. Léon & George observed how light and space interacted, and used a careful approach to select which plants perfectly matched every store's personality. 

Plants breathe life into our space, and if you're wondering how to bring some life into yours, Léon & George shares their method to help you best select the perfect houseplant for your home/office. 
Array of Houseplants
How much light does your space get?
Determine where you want to place your plant by noting how much light that area gets. Take a look at the handy guide below to get you started seeing the way natural light pours into your room:

Illustration of Natural Light Different plants thrive in different settings. Some indoor plants require 4-6 hours of bright light per day, while others can thrive with little to no natural light. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush at LT and Zanzibar Gems at ROW
Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush fills the windows at Little Tokyo and Zanzibar Gems frame the checkout area at Poketo Project Space @ ROW DTLA.

The plants at Poketo are placed according to their lighting preferences Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are close to the windows since they need bright but indirect light, Snake Plants and Zanzibar Gems are placed deeper into the shops because they do well in lower light conditions.

How tall?
Next, will the plant sit on a tabletop/shelf or the floor? Depending on your space's size, a little may go a long way. If you have high ceilings or a big empty area, go with a plant that is 5ft or taller for a powerful statement. For more compact areas, a 3-4ft plant achieves the same effect.

Desert Cactus at ROW and Cast Iron Plant at LT

A Desert Cactus stands tall at Poketo Project Space, while a Cast Iron Plant complements a corner at Little Tokyo.

What style are you going for?
Are you looking for a lush plant or subtle minimal greenery? Determine whether you want a statement plant or an accent to your decor. If you’re looking for an attention-grabber, a Kentia Palm is easy care, high impact piece. For a minimal look, Snake Plants grow tall and straight.

Kentia Palm @ ROW, Snake Plant @ LT
A Kentia Palm fills the front window at ROW DTLA, and a Snake Plant holds its own at Little Tokyo.

About Léon & George
Combining ethical sourcing, an eye for design, and personal care, Léon & George aims to reconnect people with nature. The California based start-up aims to bring indoor easy-to-care greenery to busy lifestyles by hand-selecting each plant and providing a premium delivery service. They are committed to giving back to the planet and make sure that all their plants are grown in native climates in the U.S. 

Who is Léon and George, you might ask? They're none other than the co-founder, Ron & Nico's, pets - Leon the tabby cat and George the parrot! 

To learn more about Léon & George visit their website.

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