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Saturday night roundup

Driving around, across town Los Angeles can be a regular occurrence here. LA is big, but, not as daunting as it seems… most of the action happens in different neighborhoods (like little clusters of goings ons) and all the areas are pretty easily accessible by the myriad of freeways (not taking into account the traffic). Last night took us from East side to West Side and back to East again. Especially a night like yesterday, tons of stuff going on, friends to support and hang with, it took a little patience and a bit of planning.

First, Culver City for the KAWS show. The line to get in was craaaazy. You know when you see lines of peeps waiting to buy sneakers, sometimes camping out overnight? It was like that… fans waiting for hours to get a glimpse of KAWS. Would have been nice to see the show, but, needless to say, we’ll visit another day.

Head north to Beverly Hills for Beautiful Decay’s A to Z. Fun, fun, fun… caught up with a lot of folks… and Amir was especially happy tonight… no doubt, a great show.

Amir and Stella


Jessica and Esther

Back across town, Gina Osterloh’s show at Chung King Projects in Chinatown ended latest. We rolled in just in time.





Ang, Eamon, and Marc

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