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Sarah Utter shares a day in the life with Poketo

You can see Sarah Utter’s latest Poketo wallet designs here, number 1 and number 2
You can visit Sarah utter at

Welcome to my studio! It’s a bit of a mess. I’ve been spending this past week getting ready for a show of new work in Olympia.. the theme is HOOTENANNY! So we’ve got penguins with panflutes, owls on lyres, keyboard loons, and even some painted tambourines.


This wall contains some souvenirs from past shows (check the Poketo First Editions postcard!) as well as one of my favorite pictures: a polaroid of John Waters and myself against a prom-themed background. Dreamy!


Here we have the Paintdryer2000©, otherwise known as my trusty space-heater. I paint on paper with acrylic, then add a letterpressed overlay, and use heavy gel medium to secure the work to stretched canvases before adding a final glossy finish. A slightly flawed system, but it works! (So far).


And this is where I do the letterpressing part.. in Community Print, Olympia’s own ridiculously cool printmaking shoppe. It’s filled with drawers and drawers of old type, inks, brayers, squeegees, and everything else an old-tyme printer needs. And the best part is, it’s right downstairs from my studio: perfect.


One of the finished pieces up close..

.. and here’s a shot of a tambourine! This was my first foray into ‘breaking out of the frame’ (remember those words from any old professors? I do) and was, er, a HOOT (forgive my terrible puns). I bought three tams at the local music store, and the Guitar Dude who was working was all ‘that’s a lot of tambourines’. Is it? Is three tambourines a lot? Maybe I’m part of some crazy traveling tam-jam percussion squad.. you never know.

And what’s this? A proof copy of my new 2009 calendar, hot off the presses! Exciting.


As I was hurrying down the street to hang my show at the super rad Room 30 (everything in Olympia is about 2-3 blocks from everything else), I saw this huge piece my friend Ira the Signpainter had knocked out in just a few hours.. I seriously need to get some time-saving tips from him. I can spend two weeks on a small painting; Ira can do a whole side of a building in a day. Nuts.


So Jennyrose (Room 30′s shopowner and dear friend) helped me get my show set up just a few hours before the official opening, and needless to say, we were in a bit of a panic. Would it all work out? It did. Did I get so stressed that I neglected to take pictures of the event? I did. But, I can assure you that even despite some seriously bad weather (what was that anyhow, a monsoon? squall? cyclone?) we had a great turnout and cupcakes were eaten by all. Since I don’t have any documentation of the show, I’m just going to throw in this random picture of Tony Alva. He was DJ’ing down the street. Why does Tony Alva come to our tiny town about once a year to play a few records? We don’t know. It’s one of our great soggy mysteries.

The next day, it was business as usual in the tiny rural township I live in, Kamilche (it’s about 20 minutes outside of Olympia). Rosebud was patiently waiting for our morning walk into the forest..


..where we always find something interesting. Here we have some tiny mushroom travelers aboard a pinecone:

And check out this caterpillar! I call him ‘Mr. Whiskers’.


I took Otis down to the beach,


and saw this sure sign of autumn along the path…


Next it was into the car and over to the fairgrounds for perhaps the most delicious event (depending on how you feel about shellfish) in the Pacific Northwest: Oysterfest! My friends and I gorged ourselves silly on Bbq’d Oysters with garlic and butter (pictured below), oyster fritters (a kind of delicious savory donut), crab stuffed mushrooms, seafood crepes, and yes.. chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. Yum.


Inside the Mason County Heritage Barn was this great relic, a carving from the Grisdale Logging Camp, which is now a ghost town. Love the crazy eyes! I live in logger-land.


There was also this collection of interesting twigs. I am considering becoming a twig-collector one of these days..


Then it was back to town for a major post-show studio clean-up party. My friend Kanako who shares my studio space got these amazing tapes at the thrift:


So I jammed to some Quincy Jones while sorting through the pile of used and unused Titanium White tubes. Another show done, and now it’s time for vacation.. I’ll see you in Los Angeles later this week!


You can see Sarah Utter’s latest Poketo wallet designs here, number 1 and number 2
You can visit Sarah utter at

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