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Ready, Set, Gogh!: The Art Handling Olympics

It’s hard to make a living off of your art, maybe more so in New York, where one month’s rent can exceed the cost of a kidney, and coupons are worth more than your BFA. Such struggling artists take on a wide array of day jobs, and the ones strong in will and high in muscle mass become art handlers. To celebrate these overlooked museum workers, New York’s Ramiken Crucible gallery in the Lower East Side hosted the first ever Art Handling Olympics.

Picture via NYT

Teams comprised mostly of burly, tattooed men competed in events like installation contests and delivery races. The Art Handling Olympics poked fun at an industry that can take itself too seriously while reminding everyone that those massive gilt frames at the MoMA don’t hang themselves. Los Angeles definitely needs one of these.

Picture via NYT

The prize? This golden medal. Observe the flaming tape dispenser embossed on it. Brilliant.

via The New York Times.

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