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Rain or shine, Her Space Holiday rocks. Interview with Marc Bianchi

Marc Bianchi is Her Space Holiday, and he’s coming to Poketo for “Bang! Bang! Draw!” this Friday. Make it out to see him live. You don’t want to miss it!


Where did the name, Her Space Holiday come from?

I originally started recording music on a little four track. Plugging away, making little one minute tunes here and there. I had a friend who was going through a very rough period in her life. She admitted to me that she felt like she had no grounding, almost like she was floating through outer space. I made a little mix tape for her with some of the songs I put together and titled it “Her Space Holiday” and the name just kinda stuck.


XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival is a departure from your past electronic albums. What prompted you to take that direction?

I was getting very very burnt out on making electronic albums. The process was becoming more about editing than song writing. A friend suggested that I go back to basics and pick up some instruments and start making noise. It was very refreshing and it made me fall in love with making music again.

Are most of your songs autobiographical? If so, is it your choice to write in that fashion, or do you follow what you feel is more natural and uncontrolled?

Well, for better or worse, I would say most of the songs are autobiographical in a sense. But there have been some embellishments as well as some personal censorship added for the more gritty topics. I don’t think it’s a deliberate choice. Unfortunately I only have one writing style, which can be rather embarrassing sometimes. It doesn’t always put you in the best light when you are writing about your own in the box of your own limitations, and hopefully in the end can build off of it, rather than feel defeated by it.

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You’ve been very busy touring lately. What’s one thing that you’re looking forward to most when you get a couple days free?

My favorite thing to do when I get some down time, is to get a nice bottle of wine, put on some really old records, and spend the afternoon cooking a nice, slow slow dinner.

Favorite tour experience?

My favorite tour experience was playing at the Formoz Festival in Taiwan with the 4 Bonjour’s Parties. It was an outdoor show and we were the final band, on the final night of the festival. A huge typhoon covered Taiwan that day. It was moving up and down the country and we weren’t sure if they were going to let us play. But they did and by the time we hit the stage, the rain and the wind were pelting everyone. Kids in the crowd were screaming and cheering everytime the weather got more intense, which made us sing louder and play harder. It was like man vs. nature. Not sure who won, but even beyond just touring, that was a special moment that I know will be one of the last memories to play back in my head before the final curtain call.


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Where did you record your album? And what was your vision for it?

I tracked most of the album at home with just one microphone. After listening back to the album, I realized that I needed a little bit of help in the drum department. I only have three beats in me and none of them are very astounding. So I called my friend Caitlin Love, who flew down to help out. We tracked her drums on a few of the songs in John Vanderslice’s studio, Tiny Telephone in San Francisco.

When the going gets tough creatively, what are some things you do to get things flowing again?

Books and movies. Basically any kind of art form outside of music. I am so fascinated by other artistic mediums. They are like little mysteries that I can’t figure out for the life of me.


You’ve also done many short films in accordance with your work. What is it about film/movies that interests you inline with your music?

Well to me, I think music is very one dimensional. Don’t get me wrong I love music, it’s my life… but I have always admired film because it incorporates so many different types of art. Cinematography, music, writing, the physicality of acting, etc. Granted, the little movies I shoot on my Canon Elph camera embody none of those elements properly, but they are still fun to make.

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How do you feel about your upcoming show here with Heisuke?

I am very excited and super nervous. But as long as Hei’s there I know that everything will be ok.

Thanks Marc! We’ll see you soon!”


Bang! Bang! Draw!

Friday, April 24th
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Live music performance and moderated q&a session.
7:30 PM – 10PM: Art show/Party with original works by PCP. Artists in attendance for signings.

Free Event*

Poketo Studio
510 South Hewitt Street, #506 (5th floor) Los Angeles, CA 90013

Urth will be generously donating coffees, teas, and pastries and Sapporo will be sponsoring our beverages for the event.

For more information about the show, click here or visit

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