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Process: Highlow Jewelry’s Drawn Collection


Highlow Jewelry’s latest collection, Drawn, is inspired by the different marks of drawing techniques, such as squiggles and contour lines. Each piece begins as a hand-sculpted clay drawing, which is then broken down into a line of necklaces and other jewelry.

Sonya Gallardo:

These clay drawings came about from experimenting with ways to combine more than one color of clay. A common thread that goes through my work is painting, drawing, and color. It seems that I cannot make something without these details being a part of it.

To make the drawings, I ball up polymer clay, then smash it down into a cookie shape. With a different color of clay, I make shapes and lines, then place them atop the base clay.

I use my finger tips to pinch the clay into shapes—like half circles, squiggles, blobs, horseshoes, and swooshes—and arrange and overlap them into a composition I like and move onto the next step.

I take the clay and roll it out, rolling over the clay drawings, and spreading the clay out into one flat slab. This rolling action presses the drawings into the base clay, creating a seamless piece of clay, while breaking the drawings down into new unexpected compositions. From here, the clay slab is cut into strips then hand formed into arcs.

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