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Poketo x Treeson x Crazy Label in time for the Taipei Toy Festival!

We are super excited to announce a special Poketo wallet collaboration with toy designer Bubi Au Yeung and Crazy Label. This has been a seed of an idea from our last visit to Hong Kong where met up with Andy Woo of Crazy Label. Andy is the proprietor and mastermind behind this unique toy brand that exposes artists and characters like Treeson (Bubi Au Yeung), Monster Burp (Peskimo), and Droplets (Jam Factory). You’ve seen all these toys around for sure as they are widely collected and adored by many.

Bubi’s comic, “Treeson and Other Stories” are based around the adventure of Treeson and his pal Ren. That’s the coolest part, the Treeson character are not just figures, but, there is a rich backstory with Treeson and his world of pals. Treeson is the son of Trees and was injured when saving the forest against humans, hence the branch in his heart. Treeson was originally intended to be just a comic, but, after hooking up with Crazy Label, we now have Treeson in collectible toy form while still propelling the story and the continuous narrative of Treeson, Renn, Baby Treeson, and friends. Not only that, but, loyal fans around the globe share their strong affinity towards Treeson, as seen by the thousands of fan pictures with their Treeson toys.

In celebration for the upcoming release of a new set of Treeson characters for the Taipei Toy Festival in July, Poketo x Crazy Label is happy to announce a special preorder of a new toy and Poketo wallet! You can pre-order this special combo now on Crazy Label’s website!

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