Earlier this year we had an incredible opportunity to be part of the #imakealiving conference in Los Angeles and meet the team at Freshbooks. #imakealiving is a series of events, panel discussions, podcasts, and a thriving online community that shares the success and struggles that business owners face when building their dreams. Irene Elliott, head of events and community at Freshbooks, has been a champion of small business and believes that by bringing entrepreneurs and the business community together we can build a network that lifts and supports each other. 

panel discussion in los angeles #imakealiving

#imakealiving is such a natural fit for Poketo, in our 16-year history, we've been through so many ups and downs and have learned so much about building the brand and growing our business naturally. We love to share what we've learned over the years so that we can inspire dreamers and doers to chase their passions and not be afraid. During our book tour with CREATIVE SPACES, we have toured 8 cities in the US and Canada. We were honored to have Freshbooks support a few of our tour stops in LA, NYC, and Austin.

panel discussion in new york

(Creative Spaces Book Tour, NYC)

panel discussion in Austin

(Creative Spaces book tour, Austin. Photo courtesy of The Line Hotel)

In each city, we've invited different creatives and entrepreneurs to join us at each stop to "talk shop", to share their stories of building their careers, to laugh, and to dream all in hopes to inspire each other. Following a passion and starting something new can be daunting, the path is not always clear, there is the element of not knowing what will happen, but, that "unknown" means that there is no ceiling to what can be and that is where the magic happens. Something we've learned over the years is to not only ask "why" we should do something, but, "why not". When you ask "why not", the possibilities are endless. 


The next stop for #imakealiving is in Toronto on November 20, 2019. Find more information at www.imakealiving.com. Poketo is proud to support this upcoming conference and provide our debut book, CREATIVE SPACES to the attendees of the final #imakealving event of the year.