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Poketo x Gary Baseman has arrived

To say that we’re excited about this new Poketo wallet collaboration with Gary Baseman is a major understatement. Gary’s massive fanbase reaches far and wide, and we at Poketo are no exception. To prepare you all for the awesomeness that is to follow, we attempted to condense Gary’s impressive career and history into a brief introduction, to be followed by an interview, and exclusive peeks into his sketchbook.

Some might classify Gary Baseman’s work as Lowbrow, or Underground. He has coined and prefers to call it Pervasive Art, and himself a Pervasive Artist. It is his belief that clear vision and strength of voice enables an artist to bypass the stringent rules of the art world.

They can work in any medium, in any context. We have seen Gary and many of his contemporaries work in this manner and defy many rules. Indeed, his art has been seen in the permanent collections of major world-class galleries, on products, as sculptures or toys, as performance or interactive installations, fashion, animation, anything you could imagine.

Gary’s aesthetic is distinct and his voice insistent in all of his work, commercial and personal, whatever the medium. Gary is frank about his many artistic influences, which range from Hieronymus Bosch to Walt Disney.

Take the work we used for this wallet series: populous Boschian landscapes filled with fantastical beings, infused with a playful pop sensibility.

Through Gary’s own filter, these many influences are processed, and his essence remains prominent. His off-kilter work is often morally ambiguous, inhabited by naked girls, creatures oozing bodily fluids, and other inky-eyed animals sporting either grimaces or smiles.

Despite being disturbing at times, his work appeals to children and adults alike, all over the world. It is no wonder that he has built himself an empire. Stay tuned for an interview with Gary and a look into his sketchbook! Check out the Poketo x Gary Baseman wallets here!

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