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Poketo x Furni. Meet Furni.

Last week we launched our wrist watch collaboration with Canadian design studio, Furni. There has been an incredible response over the watches and for good reason; The studio makes awesome design objects, especially in the time arena. Meet Mike Giles, the proprietor, desinger, maker, mover and shaker of Furni.


Tell us about Furni, what do you guys do, what’s the Furni philosophy?

We’ve been designing and manufacturing design-driven goods ever since we saw space in the market about 6 years ago… since then we’ve also chosen to team up with other like minded businesses to offer cool collaborative products that allow us to keep on creating relevant stuff.

Tell us about the space, are you designing and making there? Describe your studio for us.

Right now “espace 215″ is Furni’s home, we founded the workspace about 4 years ago with some other friends, currently we share the space with a number of graphic designers, a product designer and a pair of interior designers. It makes for an awesome working atmosphere as well as allows us all a group space where we can share resources and bills!




What does a typical day look like at Furni?

Well as of Jan 1st I became the sole proprietor of the company (up until that point I shared the business with a friend who has decided to focus his time on contract work) so it’s quite interesting as I report only to myself…. having said that as I’ve always been one to “hussle” so I am always busy!  Most days I get to the office about 9am and work will about 1pm at that point I head home to have lunch with my girlfriend and 10 month old daughter….then the afternoon is usually spent in my home office e-mailing and working on design and logistics…


Currently on the playlist?

Really liking the Cults album and was also recently turned on to Malvina Reynolds, she was a folk singer back in the 50′s (she was actually born in 1900 and only discovered her love of music when she was 40!)

You live and work in Montreal. I’ve only heard amazing things about the city, but, haven’t been yet. What are some favorite places, where would we go if Angie and I came over?

I always ask friends who visit what kind of experience they would like while here, basically there is something for everyone…. shopping, dancing, design, adventure you name it. Personally I like to take people to quaint little restaurants and some of the less “travelled” landmarks here, most of the architecture in the subway system is from the 60′s and every station was designed by someone different, so on a cold day you can ride underground and look at some cool stuff! In summer we’ve got festivals up the yin yan, comedy, jazz, then there’s the Francopholies (French music) as well as fireworks twice a week at the theme park “La Ronde”.

On the same island as the theme park is the Expo 67 Dome that is by Buckminster Fuller, it’s a rad landmark. If people are down for a bike ride you can go around an check architecture and see some forgotten buildings like the Esso gas station by Mies van der Rohe!

Colorparty Digital Watch - Poketo x Furni

Three words that describe our collaboration together, The Colorparty Watch…

pure unadulterated fun.

Poketo x Furni engraved on the back

Colorparty Digital Watch - Poketo x Furni

Check out the Poketo x Furni watch here.
More from Furni at

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