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Poketo x Booooooom Collection, Imagine the After Life

The unknown is scary, but it’s also a great place to start when looking for inspiration. That’s exactly where the artists from our newest collaboration started.

Poketo is proud to announce our newest collaborator, Jeff Hamada of Booooooom. Each day, Jeff introduces us to great new work from around the world on his site and pairs it with a few well-chosen words. That great taste (and tone) has made Booooooom one of the largest blogs on the internet, with over 3.2 million pageviews each month. But it’s not just the many eyeballs that stop by Jeff’s site that appealed to us, it’s really abundance of creativity and the sense of community evident in the site.

Our collaboration with Jeff started with our previous collaboration with Club Mumble. In the awesome way the world works sometimes, a friend can sometimes introduce you to another person who shares some of the same passions you do. In Jeff’s case, that’s certainly true. Booooooom is a virtual home for people who are excited to go out and be creative, a theme that certainly rings true with Poketo.

In this collection, Jeff introduced Poketo to four amazing artists from Canada: Howie Tsui, Andrea Wan, Winnie Truong and Josh Holinaty, who all were given a simple concept to dwell on: the after life. Whew!

That’s a daunting task to be sure. How does one capture something so nebulous? Will it be filled with castles, sweetness and light? Or will it be something else entirely?

Here’s what these four came up with:

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