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Poketo wallet for Dublab + Mix CD by Carlos Ninos = Positive Projections for 2009



Check out the latest collaboration between Dublab and Poketo!! Back in the middle of 2008, Frosty of Dublab, Sarah Shewey, and I were brainstorming some ways to collaborate. Dublab is an online freeform radio station. They rock. They not only do radio, but, they put on events, produce albums, make films, and the list goes on.


I always wonder and admire how they do so much and do it well. I first got to know Frosty the and crew on an invite to see their space and meet them during a Daedalus session on their rooftop. It was amazing to meet such good people that were passionate about music and what they do.


Last year, they were gearing up for their fundraiser, Positive Projection Drive. Because Dublab is a non-profit, they rely on their listeners and supporters to help them stay on the air waves.


We were throwing around ideas and the we decided to collaborate on a special Poketo wallet for the dublab supporters. The design was by Jeff Madrid and Augustine Kofie. They also did all of the logo, postcards, calendar, and other premiums for this drive.


The drive happened in November, right in the middle of the economic breakdown and even through all the mess and uncertainty, their die hard fans, supporters, and new listeners stepped up and gave to an organization integral to the arts and music culture of Los Angeles and through the internet… beyond. Those listeners that supported dublab with a generous donation got a killer Poketo wallet that we made and donated to Dublab and their supporters.


We were super stoked to do this and now really excited to offer the Poketo x Dublab wallet on the Poketo site. We have just 25 of these gems and Dublab was super rad in going even further in this collaboration to bundle a CD with it. That’s right, a Futre Roots Mix, 77 minutes of rare and unreleased music mixed by Carlos Ninos. Music by Mia Doi Todd, Adventure Time, Sun Ra, Daedalus, John Coltrane, Max Roach, Prefuse 73, Public Enemy, Pink Floyd, and various electronic, space, nature, and interview recordings.


Anyways, get it and continue to support Dublab. And, here is their radio tuner, listen live now!

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