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Poketo’s New City Wallet Series: Interview with Anna Corpron of The Working Proof

Anna Corpron is a savvy businesswoman who wears many hats: a jewelry designer, mother of two, and owner and curator of The Working Proof, an organization that seeks to promote art and social responsibility. The Working Proof is also Poketo’s latest collaborator in the new City Wallets series, and Poketo was thrilled to work with Anna on picking the theme and artists for this newly launched collection.

For the City Wallets series, Poketo will be donating 10 percent of proceeds from wallet sales to 826LA, while The Working Proof, which will also carry the wallets on their site, will do the same for 826National from March 11th to June 1st.

In our latest interview, we speak to Anna to find out more about the City Wallet series, her aesthetic and work.

1. Please tell us more about yourself, and share with us your background, how you got started in art and design.

I currently split my time between two businesses: The Working Proof, which pairs art with social responsibility, and my jewelry line, Brevity. My background is actually in architecture. I got my b.arch at Cornell University and practiced architecture for five years before going part time to work on my jewelry line, Brevity. I loved architecture and seeing my designs on paper become a reality, but found that my interests really lay in smaller-scale design. What began as a way for me to channel that interest, eventually became my full time job.


2. Can you share with us a bit about The Working Proof? How did it get started and what is its philosophy/mission?

The Working Proof is a collaboration with my husband, Sean. We wanted to find a way to integrate our interest in social responsibility with our love of art and design. Our church, Redeemer Presbyterian, holds an annual business plan competition, and we decided to enter, thinking that it would be good practice to put together a business plan. We never imagined that we would get past the first round, but as we fleshed out our idea and our business plan, we not only got through the first round, but we ended up winning the arts category of the competition. Through that, we received a grant that allowed us to launch our website.

The mission of The Working Proof is to support charity through art. We work with a great community of artists to release a limited-edition print each week. 15% of each print sold is donated to the charity of the artist’s choice. We offer our customers access to a wide array of amazing artwork on an immediate, affordable scale, with a positive social impact built right in. To date, we’ve donated almost $20,000 to our charities.

3. How did the collaboration with Poketo come about?

I’m a longtime Poketo fan. We love how Poketo integrates art into everyday objects, and we have actually released editions with many of the same artists at The Working Proof. A collaboration with Poketo just seemed like a natural fit.

4. How did you pick the artists and theme for the collaboration?

Angie and I selected the artists together – Dan Funderburgh, Emily Dumas, Linda Kim, and James Gulliver Hancock – all artists who have released editions with The Working Proof before. Being that Poketo is in LA, The Working Proof is in New York, and our artists come from everywhere in between, we asked them to illustrate their favorite cities.

Dan Funderburgh

Emily Dumas

Linda Kim

James Gulliver Hancock

5. How did you select the charity to support for this project?

The Working Proof has been a long time supporter of 826 National. We love what they do as an organization to encourage creativity and to make writing and learning fun for kids. On top of that, they have several amazing, playful stores that support their local chapters – I mean, come on, what kid wouldn’t love shopping at the Bigfoot Research Institute, The Museum of Unnatural History, or the Superhero Supply Co? Poketo will be donating 10% of the first month’s sales of the City Wallets to their local chapter, 826LA, and The Working Proof will continue to support 826 National.

6. What kind of art are you drawn towards featuring on The Working Proof?
I’m drawn to a wide range of artwork. Really, when I look for artists to feature, I’m just looking for individual pieces that speak to me, and hopefully to other people, as well.

7. Besides The Working Proof, what other projects or initiatives are you pursuing?
I mentioned my jewelry line, Brevity, before – between that and The Working Proof and my two kids, I’ve got a pretty full plate!

8. What is the inspiration behind Brevity?
The word brevity means “the quality of expressing much in few words”. That definition is what drives the design philosophy behind Brevity – I aim to create designs that are concise and simple, yet meaningful. My Geometric collection was inspired by my architecture background, and by geometric forms found in nature. The Lines collection was inspired by Native American symbols and the simple elegance of a line. The Horo Collection was inspired by vintage clock hands, fused in time. With my custom name necklaces, I was inspired to offer something beyond the standard nameplate necklace, and have loved partnering with calligrapher Crystal Kluge to provide one-of-a-kind custom necklaces.



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