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Poketo’s Foodie Friday!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m sure everyone’s been busy looking through old recipes and collecting some new ones to freshen up the feast this year. Well, do you ever imagine how world-renowned chefs might prepare to impress hungrily awaiting guests? I’m sure Ferran Adria, the current chef of the famed elBulli restaurant in Spain has no problem thinking of new recipes to keep his guests on their toes!

Definitely a feast for the eyes (and tummy I’m sure), Chef Adria knows how to keep his guests entertained through all five senses, and perhaps even the sixth sense of surprise! Take a look at some of his creations, and you’ll see what I mean.


This is called the Muelle de Aceite de Oliva Virgen which is olive oil in the form of a silver spring, presented in a jewelry box. One is instructed to fit the spring on your finger and let it melt in your mouth. A master of culinary, Chef Adria is also artistic and thoughtful in his presentations, definitely enjoying the element of surprise in his guests.


Huevo de Oro “Egg of Gold”. Guests are encouraged to place the spoon in their mouths in which they crunch away at the outer shell to find the surprising warm egg yolk mixed with the sweet caramel of the shell and salt crystals. I’m sure Humpty Dumpty would be jealous! Again, Chef Adria never leaves out the element of surprise!


Beautiful, isn’t it? This one’s called Morphings. So much thought and detail into this chocolate-raspberry dessert, I wish I could eat this everyday! I can’t help but mention that these beauties immediately reminded me of Poketo’s

Branch Earrings


One last surprise! At first one would think this is your typical fish roe, if you’re fancy, then caviar, but to everyone’s surprise, these babies are actually flavored with melon and passion fruit, making them a sweet delight with every pop!

I know your mouths are all watering by now, and I must break it to you that elBulli actually receives over a million reservation requests each year, and only 8,000 are granted the privilege of this experience! Bummer! Well, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, might I request visiting The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel, headed by Chef Jose Andres?

In a similar light, Chef Andres makes sure your experience is just as fulfilling, and the tapas-based restaurant has the coolest ambience with LED-lit tables, gorgeous furniture and of course the hip West Hollywood crowd. Some things you might want to try while you’re there are the Cotton Candy Fois Gras, American Caviar Cone, and the Not Your Everyday Caprese (cherry tomatoes and liquid mozzarella served in a test tube!) Ranging from $5 to $50 in price, there’s something for everyone, and remember it’s not about stuffing yourself, but taking in the experience, all five, maybe six, senses at a time! Bon Appetit!

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