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Poketo People: Allie & Gabby Byers

At Poketo, it’s the people around us that help keep it real. Inspired by their great vibe, this new series puts the spotlight squarely on them, their aspirations and their brushes with the Poketo world. It’s also a great way to keep in touch, don’t you think? Yeah, we thought so too!

Because we couldn’t choose just one person, we’re introducing not just one but two lovely ladies from Texas. We first spotted them last year during our Target collection launch, where the two let loose at the Poketo rack. Needless to say, they won some Poketo goodies for being great supporters. So, here they are. Our first two Poketo People are twins Allie and Gabby Byers.

Who are Allie and Gabby in a nutshell?
We are 18-year-old identical twin sisters and best of friends. Our friends call us “Twinkies” because we are small, sweet, and golden in nature.

As enthusiasts of all forms of art we find ourselves constantly surrounded by music, paintings, photos—the works! You can usually find us in line for a concert or right by the stage. We also like to golf in our free time, a great excuse to get away from homework and spend a few hours outside.

Who’s older?
Gabby: Allie. We were born 1 minute apart and act like it. Allie definitely tends to take the lead in situations, but I don’t mind.

Where do you call home?
We were born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but this summer we will be moving up to Austin to attend the University of Texas. We’re very pleased to make Austin our new home!

What’s it like being a twin?
Gabby: We absolutely love it! We dress exactly alike everyday (which stops our fights over clothes and deciding who gets to wear what!) we share everything, even split all of our meals. We are never apart from each other more than an hour a day. Some people don’t understand our close relationship but it’s hard to imagine anything different.

Can you read each others’ minds?
Allie: Ha! There are certainly moments where we can look at each other and instantly know what the other is thinking. Sometimes we even freak ourselves out when we both spontaneously mention the most random thing at the exact same time, in the exact same tone. It definitely entertains our friends and family!

What’s the best day you’ve had this year?
For 2011… it’s a tie between catching Portugal. The Man (one of our favorite bands) play in San Antonio. We were lucky enough to grab some dinner with a few of them before the show! It was pretty much a perfect way to start our week at SXSW…which was awesome in itself.

That day ties with a day when we got to ditch school (excused, of course), spend the day at a golf tournament, and then head to a Local Natives show at Stubb’s in Austin. Everything was ideal that day.

How did you discover Poketo?
We actually found out about Poketo through (band) Portugal. The Man’s Twitter feed. They tweeted about the wallets Poketo designed and we really liked them. We checked out Poketo’s website and [as they say] you had us at “hello.” We fell in love.
[Ed's note: We think Portugal.The Man rocks too! It's great to see the dots connect in your story.]

How do you like your Poketo goodies from last year?
We love them!! We have gotten many compliments about the wallets while at cash registers on how cute/cool they are. The planners are incredibly useful too—as well as lifesavers! We’re happy to see that we’ve become much more organized because of them. We also love the VIP, song, and meal of the week section, its fun to look back at the end of the week and make note of those types of things.

The twins’ Digest Your Life planners.

The shirts are some of the coolest we have (thanks for sending two of the same one!)

Allie and Gabby in Poketo’s Creature Comforts shirt.

What’s on your Poketo wishlist?
We really like the Perfect Laptop Cases- Bulky laptop cases are so ugly and for businessmen, not college students! So the Perfect Laptop cases seem just that…perfect. Not bulky and big, but stylish and sleek.

We’ve had our eyes on the Striped Blue&Blue Backpack for awhile. Our backpacks now are pretty beat up from the halls of high school. The Poketo backpacks are much nicer and cuter than what we have now.

The Color Theory Striped Scarves are super cute. Perfect for light Texas falls and winters and would certainly up our styles!

Fill in the blank. Poketo is____________?
…a breath of fresh air; all of the products are so unique and fun. The designs add a special twist to everyday items.

If Poketo were music, it would be _________?
…the “mix tape” inspired playlist you would make for your best friend on a summer day. There would be some cool and lighthearted indie/alternative tracks, but also some fun pop tunes to dance to.

People who love Poketo are __________?
…obviously in the right state of mind! Who wouldn’t love their stylish products to enhance their lifestyle?!

Know someone we should talk to for our next installment? Send us a quick note. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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