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Poketo in the Philippines

Our good friend Myleen sent us this pic of Poketo from her trip in the Philippines. I love that people are rockin’ Poketo all over the world

“i’ve been meaning to send this to you, i was so psyched to see poketo
in the motherland! i went to this tiny gallery/toy store in manila called “chunky far
flung gallery”. a really rad space with old dog eared copies of Giant Robot and a bunch of fake uglydolls (made in hong kong) and fake dehara toys… it’s in a really
interesting part of manila a section called cubao. the store itself is
in this old, OLD school plaza called the marikina shoe expo. In the
60s and 70s it was a plaza with nothing but shoe stores! now it has a
bunch of vintage thrift stores, smaller shoe boutiques and bookstores.
there’s another interesting gallery in this plaza called “future

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