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Poketo for Target Has Officially Launched! Contest #1 Today!

First of all, you can now view the entire Poketo for Target lookbook and collection at Go now, you’ll find all the products, beautiful photographs by Ye Rin Mok, and all the artist bios from the 21 artists in this special limited time collection.

To our surprise, the Poketo for Target collection was already hitting some Target stores over the past couple of weeks, before the official street date today. We’ve been getting an overwhelming, positive response across the country, tons of pictures, tons of congratulations, tons of excitement and anticipation. We were getting reports that some of the stores were already selling out immediately or totally picked through and bare.

We want to thank all of our fans for sending us pictures and thank you all by hosting a first of many contests on our site. Announcing, Poketo at Target contest #1 and your chance to win a little Poketo pack of goodies! Here are the details:

1. Snap a picture of you and the display at your local Target store. If you are alone, just the display is great!
2. Post it to your favorite social network-Facebook, Tumblr, your Blog, Flickr, etc…
3. Post it on our Fan Page
4. Write in the Target location, City and State you found the Poketo for Target collection.
5. This contest #1 will end at 10am pst on Friday 8/13/2010

On Friday 8/13, we’ll announce 3 winners of special Poketo pack of goodies. Winners will be chosen at random. We will also announce a NEW contest that same day! So, go down to your Target, snap away and share!!

Traci near Duxbury, Massachusetts.

From Kate in Portland, Oregon

Jenny, Brooklyn, New York

Dustin from Toledo, Ohio

Lux from Long Beach, California

Janelle from Las Vegas, Nevada

Stephen from Roanoke, Virginia.

Charlie from Hollywood, California.

Totally sold out and picked through, but Juana from Pacoima, California.

Tsivi from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ray from Daly City, California.

Chelly from Lakewood, Colorado.

Aya from Cupertino, California.

Christine from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Charlene from Eugene, Oregon.

Pamela, Brooklyn, New York

From Jen and her grandma in Aliso Viejo, California.

Thuy from Pasadena, California.

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