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Poketo Family Profile: Jenny Peterson

The Poketo Flagship’s Main Lady and Workshop Coordinator, Jenny Peterson, gives us a deeper look into what’s behind her smiling eyes and eclectic taste.


Where did you grow up and what part of LA do you call home?

I grew up in the Midwest and am currently living in historic Filipino town next to a very active alleyway and a really good taco stand.

Your top places to see art in LA:

This is such a tough question! Growing up, my family planned our vacations around art exhibits. We drove to Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Chicago … in LA, art is pretty much everywhere. Besides the big museums, there are so many galleries and artist studios around, not to mention all the murals! As with everything, it just depends what kind of day you want to have. Pick a neighborhood and walk around. Go to 356 Mission. Go to David Kordansky. Go to Giant Robot. See what exhibits are at MOCA and LACMA. See what’s at The Hammer. See what’s happening at Human Resources, go at night and get a little sweaty, then walk to Chego for Ooey Gooey Fries when you’re done and explore Chinatown.

Favorite color / taste / smell:

Neon Peach! / Breakfast! / I’m not usually one for scents, especially floral, but the smell of lilacs at night always makes me cry, in a really good way.

Name a secret spot in LA:

I love a good rooftop! I’m pretty much always looking for ladders to climb. I like finding places that allow me to change my perspective and changing vantage points is always a good place to start.

A few of your favorite Poketo things?

Woolrich Rover Pack: Probably my favorite thing ever is a road trip, and this little baby looks like it’s ready to go places, just like me ;) Rugged enough to hang out in some National Parks with me and stylish enough to take, um, someplace stylish? I don’t know, but it has lots of pockets just ready to be filled with thrifted treasures picked up along the way to wherever I’m headed.

Small Spells Hanging Planter: Dude, I am such a fan of Rachel’s work! I have a ton of plant babies at home and I was so stoked when we started carrying these planters. This one is my favorite, because I love the idea of seeing all the phases of the moon at once. Talk about magic! Personally, I can’t wait for her to get a tarot card deck together. Her illustrations are killer.

Small Agenda Planner: I write pretty much everything down (I have the worst memory) and always have to have paper with me. This is the perfect size to just grab and go. I’ll fill in the pages with closing dates of gallery shows, quotes from books I’m reading, things I overhear people say, ideas I have and drawings of characters from The O.C., because, Ryan Atwood!

Brass Letter Opener: You guys, letters are the best! I love getting them and I love sending them. Sometimes I even buy vintage stamps on Ebay for specific things I’m sending people, and I’ll usually put my stamps upside down (it means I love you!). It’s nice to have a ritual associated with opening the things people send you, to make sure you’re really taking the time to appreciate them (the letters AND the people!). Also, break the rules. That’s some good advice ;)

Follow Jenny on Instagram: @oh_holalee and stop by the Poketo Flagship Monday – Thursday to say hi in person, with puppies.

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