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Poketo crew…

Always bittersweet seeing good peeps leave Poketo. If you’ve been loving all of the Poketo photo shoots and product photography, well, that’s the Dikka of DikkaVega. He has made our site look incredible and we’ll miss him!

Best of luck to our Dikka… as much as we love you, I KNOW you are gonna miss us… and pizza parties!

Dikka posing

Dikka, always posing.

Charlie... always instagramming

When you order online, no doubt you’ve probably talked to Charlie (in the middle). Or, maybe you follow her on Twitter? She’s always posting Poketo behind the scenes.

Sana (in the stripes), you’ve seen some of her fun, whimsical designs for Poketo… that’s what she does, always imagining and drawing fun designs for Poketo.


Joe here, he handles all of our retail accounts around the world. If you see Poketo in stores, he’s the gatekeeper.

Me and Angie… we do what they say.

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