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Poketo chats with Goh Nakamura. Special in-store performance at Origami Vinyl this Saturday, Sept. 19th

Poketo will present the “Follow Your Whim” tour featuring Goh Nakamura and the Invisible Cities! Stop by Origami Vinyl this Saturday, Sept. 19th at 7 PM for their free in-store performance and join Poketo afterward for an after party at El Prado. Somehow Goh managed to take some time out of his whirlwind tour to have a short interview with us. Don’t miss the show this Saturday!

via guysketchy

Hi Goh, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a San Francisco based singer/songwriter. Mostly, I am just a dude though.

First song you ever learned to play and the first song you ever wrote about a girl?

First song was Clementine, as in “Oh My Darlin”, not the tragically beautiful Elliott Smith one. First song I wrote about a girl was called “Always F*ck It Up” It had the lyrics “I’m so sorry sweet Veronica, I can’t live here in Platonica”

What is the life of a musician in your words?

A cocktail of joy, camaraderie, moments of utter despair, with a twist of hope? Sounds like a manic depressive martini, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

When do most song ideas come to you? Are you a lyrics first or melody first kind of guy?

Songs seem to come to me when I’m alone and my mind gives up trying to be clever. I used to like writing songs hungover, though obviously, that is not something one can do over the long term. It’s different every time as far as Lyrics/Melody. Most of the time I have the music all written and have to fit words into that structure, which is really difficult for me. I have an easier time when I have the lyrics first, because notes and chords seem to be more malleable to me than words.

Band or musician that you’re currently listening to? And one of your favorite bands/musicians of all time?

Recently I’ve been listening to Grand Hallway, who PCP does artwork for. I answer the “favorite musician of all time” question a lot, and this time it’s Joni Mitchell’s turn.

Last word/plug? and Poketo Rules! (but you knew that if you are reading this)


Night out in Echo Park with Poketo and Origami Vinyl

Saturday, September 19th
7 PM Free In-store performance at Origami Vinyl
After party at El Prado

Origami Vinyl
1816 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park, CA

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