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Picture this and help Japan

It’s nice to know our passions can sometimes mean good news for people halfway around the world. Each purchase of these new cameras on Poketo means a donation of EUR 20.000 to the Red Cross Relief Japan.

This mini-Diana F+ is rightly called Jiyu (meaning Freedom). A light floral design and clean color palette lends this analog camera a delicate charm while letting your creative juices loose with dreamy or softly focused photos. Shoot using easily found 35mm film to produce either square or half-frame snaps. You can even shoot in multiple or long exposure.

See the world a different way with the Shiawase, Fisheye No. 2 camera. In Japanese, Shiawase means the spreading of happiness. Share this inspiring sentiment with this camera’s 170-degree radius shots. Your photographs turn into nicely rounded shots within each 35mm print. Shoot in multiple or long exposure for an extra helping of ebullience.

Additional photography from: the lomographer

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