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Peeps of SF

We had an amazing few days up in our old city, San Francisco. A little bit of work and mostly play, it was great reacquainting ourselves with the city we started Poketo in before moving to Los Angeles 7 years ago. We have a lot of friends in SF still, so, whenever we are there, it’s always a little reunion. We often just run into friends on the street, in bars, or in our favorite shops. SF is like a little village, no matter where you go, you’re bound to run into people… old friends, new friends, and just peeps you know…

Hanging out with artist and starry eyes, Chris Bettig

Artist Serena Mitnik-Miller is the proprietor of one of the coolest stores in SF, General Store.

Illustrator and designer, Omar Lee. Omar was one of the first artists we ever did a tee shirt with back in 2004.

Artist Nathalie Roland and our friend, PQ. Nathalie is a big part of Poketo… you’ve seen her work on lots of Poketo stuff. Here is her latest.

Oh man, Joe To! You’ve seen the Poketo tee he just did for us, ya? He’s busy back and forth between LA and SF working on huge projects with David Choe.

Proprietors Derek and Jamie of Park Life Gallery and Store. By the way, these guys are rad and they stock Poketo!

Olivia “Via” San Mateo of Olive-Route letterpress studio in Berkeley. In my opinion, Via is one of the best letterpress printers out there. She learned from old school printers Ricard Seibert and David Goines, carrying on the old tradition into the new. You know she did all of our letterpress art prints that we have here.

David Goines and Richard Seibert… if you are in the letterpress world, chances are you know them.

Melissa and Lisa. They both are integral to SF’s Hyphen Magazine. But they are also ruling at San Francisco Arts Commission’s Writer Corp and Facebook. You know Facebook, right? :P.

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