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Papercut Series Artist: Interview with Thereza Rowe

When you first look at the work of London-based illustrator Thereza Rowe, you instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her vivid paper designs remind us that it’s never too late to have a childhood. Thereza Rowe is one of four artists we’ve collaborated with for our recently released Papercut Series wallets, and we know that after you read the recent interview we’ve conducted with her, you’ll feel the same way.



Can you tell us a little bit about the theme of your wallet designs?

I wanted to create a magic forest scenario, where everything is calm and soothing and your imagination can be unleashed to create your own narrative from the scenery and characters involved.

East End

East End

South Bank



Charing Cross

Where are three places in London you absolutely cannot live without?

1. The East End: I just adore that area. It’s so randomized and diverse, and fool of colour and inspiration. Whenever I need to refresh my ideas process, I spend half a day there and it usually does the trick. :D
2. The Southbank: I love walking along the river looking at my favorite bridge (Hungerford Bridge), being amused by the people around and just taking in the aesthetic beauty and mood of the city.
3. Charing Cross: Where the best book and art supply shops are! And I also love Camden Town for its markets and the canal, very inspiring…


What is your creative process like from conception to completion?

It normally starts from drawing and playing with paper cut outs on my sketchbooks. They work like a laboratory for ideas and are essential, especially within the brainstorming process. After that, it changes almost every time depending on the project. Sometimes I have the ideas sorted in my head and start drawing from scratch and sometimes most of the elements that I sketched on the Moleskines end up in the final piece. I also like making mood boards with both my own past sketches and things I collect. Taking photographs and documenting is also a big thing for me, I carry a camera with me at all times. The completion bit is usually a joint venture between myself and the art direction party I happened to be working with. It’s all great fun though, all the phases.

Are there any future projects you’d like to share for 2010?

There are a few projects coming up and I’m excited because a couple of them involve collaborating with artists whose work I absolutely adore. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Print is dead

What is your reaction to the phrase, “Print is dead.” ?

Nonsense, utter rubbish! Although it’s all so good to have such a massive archive of good online publications, nothing compares to the tactile feeling of holding the physical object, a book for example always translates into pure joy for me.

Last thing you’ve seen on TV that’s made you teary-eyed.

Forest Gump…It was on the other week and having seen it twice before I didn’t think I was going to be in tears again from about 25 minutes into the film through to the final credits…I’m such a softy!

What do you do when your creative juices run dry?

Anything from taking a trip into somewhere cool in London, sitting around in some random place with my Moleskine, watching the Pink Panther cartoons, drinking a fresh pint of pink milk, listening to great music…This could become quite a list…


A typical Sunday morning would consist of…

A total guilt free ‘sleep-in’ followed by a heart brunch. Nowadays my Sundays have become my ‘lazy, do what you like, even if it consists of doing nothing’ day. It’s good to have a day off to rest and recharge the creative wires.


What would you like to be remembered for?

Someone who’s managed to remain a child at heart, who was kind, happy, made people smile, supportive of others, fulfilled and lucky enough to work with what they love.**

It was an honor taking a glimpse inside Thereza’s world. Your work is truly inspiring!

You can check out her wallet here!
And visit Thereza’s website here!

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