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Papercut Series Artist: Interview with Jared Schorr

Poketo is proud to present one of four Papercut Series artists, Jared Schorr, and his incredibly cute and intricately hand-crafted wallet design. A graduate from Art Center College of Design, currently residing in Montclair, California, Schorr has worked with such publications as GOOD magazine, and the New York Times. After conducting a recent interview with Schorr, we were pleased to get to know him not only as an artist, but a devoted family man, a dreamer, and an infectious optimist.



Can you tell us a little big about the theme of your wallets design?

I wanted to do a wallet with a lot of monsters running and having fun–kind of like a Ryan McGinley photo. You don’t really know what is going on, but you wish you were there. Though the monsters are running for their lives, they are still enjoying themselves.

What can’t you construct out of paper?

There is NOTHING. Mwahahaha… nah, there’s lots.


All of your characters in your art work seem so happy. What are they happy about?

I think that my characters’ happiness is just an extension of my own happiness. I am so excited to be alive and doing exactly what I want to be doing.

real mcginley

Have your dream collaborations already happened? If not, who would you like to work with in the future?

I’ve been really fortunate to have some amazing collaborations. There are still people out there though. I would love to work with Mike Perry. I imagine him being like an octopus with four brains cause the dude is soo creative and never puts out anything bad. Plus, there is a TON of it. I would love to make some prints with Studio On Fire. Amazing craftsmanship! I think it would be fun to brand a season for Target. I worked at Target stocking the shelves for four years so it would be cool to see my work all over the place. McSweeney’s would be a dream as well because..they’re McSweeney’s. You don’t get any better.


What impact do you hope your artwork brings to other people?

I mostly want my work to make people happy and put some sunshine in someone’s day. I hope that it makes other people want to make art. I think that that is the greatest compliment. When someone sees your passion and it creates passion in them.

Is there a brand or type of paper you work with the most?

I was trying to use Martha Stewart Collection paper. Amazing colors and its really easy to cut, but it is harder to find so I use mostly paper from the Paper Source.


Biggest influences as a child?

Bugs Bunny, skateboarding, chocolate, and San Francisco.

If you were commissioned by the City of Los Angeles to do a public arts commissioned project, what would it look like and where would it be?

I think it would be amazing to design a children’s park. What I can imagine is like a 100′-200′ long metal wall that stands about 4′ tall. It would be winding in and out so it could be a maze, but it would have designs and cutouts so you could play hide-and-seek or climb. I would try to put it in a very visible park. Let’s make it happen cause I want to play there!

lost hands

Happiest when ________. Want to punch ________. I’m afraid of ___________.

I’m happiest when I’m with my wife and son. I want to punch the end of (500) Days of Summer. I’m afraid of losing my hands. **

Thanks Jared for your time, and we hope to work with you soon!

You can find his wallet here!
And visit Jared’s website here!

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