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Our unofficial New York food tour

We always hit new spots, as there are a million talk of the towns in New York. For us, they don’t have to be the buzz, just tasty good. Thanks to y’all who gave us suggestions on where to go eat, we have more than enough for the next time we are there. But, here are the places we went to this Summer of 2009 in New York. In no particular order. Feel free to use this as a guide to gluttony.



Otto is Mario Batali’s place. When you walk in, you pick up a train ticket with a destination. When you see your destination appear, it’s eating time!


Chikalicious…. a tiny prix fixe dessert place in East Village. Below, seared pluot. The top is hard like creme brulee.


Pastis in Meat Packing District. Nice walk on the High Line and stopped here for dinner. It was crazy busy, I liked the atmosphere more than the food.



Ooooohhh, ginger ice cream we shared.


Don’t be scared. We didn’t actually eat this. Even though we wanted to. It was our neighbor table. Big birthday party and boy, did they party at Daisy May’s. We just got the boring pulled pork and ribs. I mean, it was good, just boring compared to this.


Winnies in Chinatown. Not a food place, but a nice little joint for scotch on the rocks and some karaoke action. One dollar per song. Not sure what Angie and Julia are singing here.




Lets not forget Sobaya. Also in the East Village. The udon is perfect. All the good restaurants are there.


After Uniqlo, go around the corner on Spring and you’ll see a tiny cupcake store serving mini, mini dollar cupcakes. You don’t even walk inside, it’s like a stand serving little treats… but, it’s not a stand.


I always crave a good Halal food truck.


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