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Our balancing act, send us yours!

We’ve gotten a lot of love online for our Balancing Blocks and we couldn’t agree more.

Balancing is a delicate artform, just ask the guys who captured these makeshift monuments.

Photo by: James Jordan

Photo by David Wan on the beach of Bay Area San Francisco

The balancing act requires sensitivity and calm. “It seems impossible,” says the rock balancer in this video, “but once you get that impossibility. It seems like magic.” Indeed.

You may not have massive rocks to play with, but you can still add a little Zen to your life with our Balancing Blocks. Recreate the Great Wall of China or the Eiffel Tower using these colorful blocks repurposed hardwood scraps collected from Brooklyn furniture shops. Here’s Ted breaking out some blocks for fun.

Ted stacking the balancing blocks :)


Have you experimented with your blocks? What do your attempts look like? Send us a link in the comments or Tweet with a #poketobalance tag! We’d love to see it!

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