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NEW! Polychrome Party Wallet Series: Revisiting UPSO

With the recent release of our Polychrome Party wallet series, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the interviews of the participating artists conducted with us in the past. Here’s one from Dustin “UPSO” Hostetler of Faesthetic Magazine, and the interview we conducted with him back in December 2009.

UPSO Interview, December 2009:

What inspired you to create Faesthetic? Can you tell me a little more about your Studio Sans Nom and how it all started? P.S. How is it like co-owning it with your wife?
I started publishing Faesthetic in 2001 as a way to document all of the amazing art I was finding online. I was worried that the temporary nature of the web wouldn’t properly archive all the talent I was falling in love with, so I did my part to archive it for myself.

Studio Sans Nom is a project between myself and my wife Jemma. In some ways it’s a clearing house for projects we work on separately, but it’s also a great excuse for us to work on projects together. In addition to Studio Sans Nom (which covers tradition print and web design projects) we also do things like Purpastoe. Working with Jemma is awesome. We work from home, and are around each other 24-7. Thankfully we get along really well and respect each others’ work so it’s a great combo.


Who first exposed/inspired you into the world of art, and who are 3 artists you would like to work with in the future?
I was raised by creative people. My mom is a graphic designer and painter, and my dad was a chef. They surrounded my life with creativity and are the reason I’m an artist today. If I had my way… the three artists I’d love to work with in the short term are: David Byrne, Mark Mothersbaugh and Stefan Sagmeister. I know it’s a long shot, but I really want to work with the creatives that have been inspiring me since day one. It’s always been my goal.


As a graphic artist yourself, you’ve designed for some big clients. What was your first design project ever?
Wow… good question. Beyond school work, I started out doing flyers for friends’ bands and DJ sets when I was in college. Those early poster projects set everything in motion for me.

What’s your favorite hot-spot to hang out in Ohio on a Friday night?
My favorite spot in Toledo is a bar called the Ottawa Tavern. Drinks are crazy cheap (pitcher of PBR for $4!) the staff are all my friends, and the shows are always free. Life is awesome in Ohio.

If you weren’t an artist/curator/publisher, what else might have you pursued?
Without a doubt I’d be a chef.

Thanks again UPSO for making this wallet collaboration another success!

Check out UPSO’s wallets, here!
See what’s up at Faesthetic, here!

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