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NEW Mountains T’s: Andrew Groves Interview


Andrew Groves of IMAKETHINGS has been all over the world and seems to have a deep connection with the natural world. A lot of this is seen in his art, including the newest t-shirt he did with us, “Mountains” but isn’t in a granola, tree-hugger-type way with beiges and browns. Groves’ natural world is fun, super fresh, and grotesque. Check out the interview we did with him this past week!

Tell us a little bit about your t-shirt design.
My design is about spending time in the mountains and the magical things that you see there.

Any projects you have coming up in the near future?
I’m creating work for a group show called ‘Freakshow’ at the moment and for a fun book about beard related things.


What kinds of things(if any) can you only express in your art that you can’t otherwise?
The kinds of things I think in my head but that wouldn’t make sense if I tried to tell you about them, the stuff that lives in my imagination.


Favorite Spring time activity?
Surfing or walking in the woods.

How has your artwork evolved over the years? What aspects of your art (if any) do you hope to improve upon?
It has become much more simple and flat. I’m also more focused on what I want to achieve with an illustration and from where I get my inspiration. I hope to create more hand made, tactile pieces in the future as well as continuing with my regular work.

If you could have a beer with someone, living or dead, who would it be? What would you want to talk about?
Bushcraft genius Ray Mears. We’d chat about forests, axes and bears.


Sexiest font: I generally prefer hand drawn typefaces.
Not-so-sexy font: Any script style font.


What is the relationship between geometric shapes, nature, and your art?
You can see geometric shapes and patterns everywhere in nature, particularly when you simplify natural objects which is something I like to do in my illustrations.

First art piece you saw that you were affected by?
Jim Phillips’ skateboard graphics for Santa Cruz.

Biggest celebrity crush as a kid was:
Jet from the UK version of Gladiators.

Thanks for doing the interview Andrew!

You can check out his site here!
And also check out his shirts here!

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