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NEW Cubic World T’s: Interview with Will Bryant

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We were so fortunate to have teamed up with illustrator, Will “Mr. Fancy Pants” Bryant, for his awesome “Cubic World” t-shirts! Get to know him a little bit more, as we talk about his future projects, music that makes him dance, and which artists he finds inspiring!

Cube Poster
Photo via Will Bryant and poster available here.

Tell us a little bit about your t-shirt design.
This design was inspired from another cube piece that I made and was originally produced as a poster! For the tshirt we reduced it to a 3 color palette, but it still captures the trippy goofiness of the piece.

Photo via Will Bryant

Any projects you have coming up in the near future?
Oh yes! Things are nuts right now with SXSW. Working on a few identity projects, a book for Chronicle Books, and recently made a cover for GOOD Magazine. I’m really excited to see work released later this year for Nike, Stussy, and Benefit Makeup!

If your art could be displayed anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Michael Jordan’s bathroom would be pretty cool.

Do you and your wife have a song
Yes, Ray LaMontagne – “Shelter”


Photo via Will Bryant

A freakish bodily talent I have is…
I’ve broken my nose 9 times…is that talent? I can also wiggle my ears, have hobbit feet, and beefy thighs.

We hear you like to dance.  What’s the most recent dance song that you’ve had on repeat…
Douster – “King of Africa” gets me moving!

What would you tell 16-year-old Will Bryant?
Start drawing funny stuff now, spend more time with your parents, play even more basketball/football, and don’t worry about Sally. Things will work out, you’re going to date her for a decade before you get married. haha

Stanley Donwood CD Cover for Radiohead’s, Hail to the Thief (2003)

First art piece you were affected by?
All of Stanley Donwood’s artwork for Radiohead. Then Mike Perry’s 2006 guest lecture at Mississippi State was monumental. 


Converse Collaboration. Photo via Will Bryant

What’s one thing you wish art school taught you about your profession?
I would really like to have learned more about the business aspects of graphic design, but honestly this is probably best learned by experience. “They learnt me good”

Most rewarding memory of your career as an artist so far?
Oh my. This is tough. I feel like having this career is one big rewarding memory. It’s remarkable that I’m able to do what I’m doing and that I’m supported by respectable artists, friends, and my family. AMAZING. I am very blessed and grateful. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Thanks so much for your time “Mr. Fancy Pants“! Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for you!

You can also purchase his Cubic world shirt here.

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