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NEW Creature Friends II Tee: Interview with Melissa Contreras

Melissa Contreras is an artist who embodies the feminine spirit, as you will see in the upcoming interview we conducted with her for her recently released Creature Friends II t-shirt. She’s a dreamer, mysterious, strong, beautiful, and spiritual. We always love working with her, and we hope after you read this interview, you will love her too!

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Tell us a little bit about your t-shirt design.
Creature Friends II features the sister of the original Creature friends. It’s like morning and night, this is the night, all the creature friends are dreaming as the owl’s and sister friend keep a protective eye out for them.


Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)

Any projects you have coming up in the near future?
Yes, I am working on a jewelry line. The pieces are inspired by my illustrations. There are lots of owls and other creatures. I start by hand sculpting them in wax, then get them cast, locally, in silver or brass. I’ve been playing with adding stones, too. I will be doing my first jewelry show in June.


Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)


Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)

I also illustrated a children’s book, Butterfly’s Circus for the Australian Broadcasting Network. It just got released last month.

What kinds of things (if any) can you only express in your art that you can’t otherwise?
Imagination and confidence.

creature woman

Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)

All of your female characters are really beautiful and seem like mysterious forest nymphs.  What are they thinking and feeling?
I always think of them as lonely, almost by choice.  Strong and withdrawn. Observers & fierce protectors.


Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)

Favorite Spring time activity?
Bike rides to the beach and art openings.

Women are way better at _____ than men.


Photo via Axel Honey (aka Melissa Contreras)

What would you tell 16-year-old Melissa Contreras?
Don’t try so hard, have more fun &  don’t be afraid to dance!

Favorite sound?
The dry crunch of walking on loose gravel and a baby’s uncontrollable laugh.

What would your personal heaven be comprised of?
Fluffy floating sheep and lots of sleep.

First art piece you saw that you were affected by?
One of the first that comes to mine is Klimt’s, The Kiss. I was drawn to the use of geometric patterns, beautiful colors and strong emotion.

Thanks for letting us get to know you on a more intimate level Melissa!

Check out her newly released Poketo shirt here!

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