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My night with Portugal. The Man

You already know Portugal. The Man by now, whether it’s from us, the radio, or the world, no doubt you know them because they are certifiably huge. Sometimes, we get fans emailing us, sending pics, reminiscing about our free concert we hosted with them a couple years back. I remember that night vividly… the hundreds of people, the art show, and how Portugal blew everyone away with their set. It was an epic night.

I hung out with John and Zach from Portugal, just chilled out over wine and caught up on life. They told me about their tour with the Black Keys, their non-stop globe trotting, and their excitement to step into the studio for their next album. The raddest was that John and Zach actually told me, as we finished the second bottle of red, that the show they played at Poketo was a different vibe, a special one, and personally one of their most memorable. True or not, I’ll take that compliment anytime.

Peep their tour dates coming up for April and May. They are coming to LA! Most likely, they’ll be coming to your city too.

Portugal. The Man

John and Zach of Portugal. The Man

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