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Mug mug mug.

Is there a sweet confection on the planet that can rival the doughnut? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of breakfast pastries in general, but nothing ever seems to measure up to a warm, frosted doughnut with sprinkles paired with a strong cup of coffee. Doughnuts and coffee are soul mates.

The only problem is that doughnuts are a ‘sometimes food’ not to be enjoyed daily. I’ve been known to indulge in a cruller on a Saturday morning or opt for a toasted coconut doughnut instead of Sunday brunch but sometimes getting through the week can be tough! Fear not, my doughnut-loving brothers and sisters, Poketo and PCP will help curb those withdrawals with the donutsu mug!


Now everyday is like Sunday, whether I’m enjoying a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fresh berries or a quick cup of coffee on my way down to the Poketo studio. Donutsu, you’re more than just my favorite mug, you’re a friendly reminder of the doughnuts in my future.


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