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MOTOMAHO Interview! Check out the wallets at the Poketo Karaoke Dance Party this Friday at Royal/T!

MOTOMAHO is a collaboration between artists Hideyasu Moto and Maho Shimao. It was awesome getting together with them for our Tokyo Series wallets. Remember, these will be available at the Poketo Karaoke Dance Party this Friday, at Royal/T. So be there!


What did you two want to be when you were in grade school?

Moto: A painter.
Maho: SUMO wrestler, Police woman, Cartoonist.

If you two could eat one food forever, what would you guys choose?

Moto: Either “Ramen” or “Japanese Curry Rice.”
Maho: White rice.

Describe your collaborative style in 3 words.

Moto: MMT
Maho: MMT

MMT may stand for MotoMaho T-shirt project. However, that name is now not only T-shirt related but used for their other collaborated projects as well.

One of the most defining moments in your lives so far is…

Moto: When I had Ramen in “Rokkakuya” 20 years ago. That definitely changed my life.
Maho: When both my arms were broken.

On a Sunday afternoon, we will most likely find you guys where and doing what?

Moto: I am always drawing something for jobs. So I will be drawing something whatever the weather is. I’m just happy with that anyway.
Maho: Staying idle at home.

Be the one of the first to get your Poketo x MOTOMAHO wallet at:
Poketo Karaoke Dance Party at Royal/T
Friday, July 10th, 2009
8 PM – 1 AM
Royal/T: 8910 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
Free, RSVP at

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