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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Moms We Love

Written by Calvin Berry. Edited by Maya Sonico.

This is the time of year when we try our best to express, through cards, bouquets, breakfasts-in-bed, and, of course, gifts, one of the hardest things to fully, meaningfully convey: the love and appreciation we feel for Mom. While only you can decide what gift comes the closest to that end, we are here to help steer you in the right direction with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide– a carefully curated selection of gifts we know she’ll love.

If you’re looking through the guide and still feel the need for further guidance, we’ve got you covered. We went straight to the source, reaching out to our favorite mom bloggers to ask them exactly what they would pick out for themselves and why. Here’s what these excellent mamas had to say:

For the Stylish Mom

Tamira Jarrel
Tamira Jarrel

What’s your secret to balancing motherhood, a career, and staying stylish while doing it?

“I think trying to stay level headed and not be too hard on yourself, motherhood is definitely a learning process. It’s a big change in your life but like other events you learn to adapt and make it work! Being a mother doesn’t mean you have to put down your makeup or wear certain clothes, you just have to pull back and reassess what makes sense to do in your daily routine because you have someone who depends on you.”

Tamira Jarrel Mother's Day Picks

Her picks:
1. Eternally in Amber Arc Comb in Tortoise for Poketo
I am a huge fan of messy bed head, so brushing it out before allows me to wake up in the AM and go!

2. Bedside Carafe
Water gets all your organs going early in the AM so I have it within arms reach at all times.

3. Minimal Lighter
I love how simple yet uber chic this lighter is!

4. Boy Smells Candle
You will find that being a mother can lead to a candle obsession. They help with winding down after a long day of mommy duties!

For the Multi-Tasking Mom

Erin Perez Hagstrom
Erin Perez Hagstrom

Any tips for staying organized with such a busy schedule?

“Working from home while also watching two little ones requires a lot of self-discipline! I might have a flexible schedule, but it definitely helps all of us when we stick to a really set routine. I always make time for myself in the mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee and to get dressed and ready without too many interruptions. Then it’s on to my to-do list for the day! I use a lot of different apps and tools, but at the end of the day, I’d be lost without my trusty notebook.”

Calivintage Mother's Day Picks

Her picks:
1. YIELD Glass French Press in Amber
I favor a practical gift over something frivolous any day! I’ve been trying to kick my coffee shop habit, so this French Press would help to make my home brew feel a little bit more special.

2. Hawkins New York Linen Tea Towel in Waves
I am obsessed with everything linen, and just love the simple designs on this tea towel.

3. Good Thing Mini Container in Forest
Even the tiniest things will have a place with this little container!

4. Pocket Notebook Set in Collage
Call me old-fashioned, but I still love to write-out my lists and notes on paper! The process of writing helps me to slow down and organize my thoughts better.

For the Mama-to-Be

Almostmakesperfect Mother's Day Picks
Molly Madfis

What are you looking forward to the most about motherhood?

“I’m looking forward to really being a legit family! My husband and I are pretty into our three cats, but we always get sad that they can’t talk. I also work from home and I’m alone a lot, so the idea of procreating my own little buddy is pretty exciting.”

Almostmakesperfect Mother's Day Picks

Her picks:
1. Highlow Form Necklace
Love the Highlow statement necklace. It’s minimal while looking so special and unique.

2. Good Thing Spiral Trivet in Black
I feel like you can never have enough trivets, especially when they are this rad.

3. BAGGU Mini Purse in Stone
I’m going to have to get used to lugging around a big diaper bag; I love the idea of just carrying this little cutie for date nights.
Photo by Megan Welker

You can find each of these gift ideas, along with plenty of others, in our Gift Guide. Happy Mother’s Day!

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