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More experiments with the “Golden” Half Frame Camera


I’ve been playing tons with my Superheadz Golden Half, half frame camera. As you can see in the pics, it’s vintage, rich colors, it’s not a digital camera. It’s a film camera that shoots in half frame increments–you can see that in the black division between them. For example, you wind the camera, shoot, wind it again and shoot again. Those two pics you just shot will be in one picture. Another cool thing is it doubles the amount of pics in a roll, so, a 36 roll of film will allow you to shoot 72 pictures!




My favorite thing about the camera is that it inspires me to take pictures in a different way– much more spontaneous. Because I can take so many pics, anything that catches my eye, I just shoot, often times not even looking through the view finder. Also because it puts together two consecutive pics in one frame, I end up thinking about composition of both pictures and the potential story they have together. This camera has really freed the way I think about how I compose and what stories I want my picture to tell.





Anyways, I’m averaging about a roll of film per week right now, super fun. I’ll be posting more as I develop more and more rolls, so stay tuned as I’ll be posting them on our Poketo flickr set.

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