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Mission: Search and Consume!

I am obsessed with two cooking shows featured on YouTube: Cooking with Dog, which focuses on Japanese cooking, and Maangchi, who focuses on Korean cooking.

There are a couple of dishes that I dream of eating. Why not make it? Simple. I suck at cooking. So, I wonder if anyone located in Los Angeles can recommend any awesome places they know of that specialize in the following dishes:


Where can I find a restaurant that serves Sanma Takikomi Gohan (Japanese Mixed Rice with Pacific Saury)??? It’s been beautifully made in this video,I hope someone can spare me the misery of actually having to cook this myself!

Does anyone know where to get awesome Ichigo Daifuku?!?!?!


I wonder if they have this in other fruits too…

It’s interesting to compare both Cooking with Dog and Maangchi’s cooking styles. Cooking with Dog, whose dishes have been showcased on this blog post is very refined, always magically done in perfect portions for 1 person, and have intricate cuts that require tiny tiny fingers. Maangchi‘s style is very hands on, uses a lot of sesame oil, and requires more intuition than calculation.

Check them out!

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