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Mike Perry, Maker of Awesome

Poketo for Target artist Mike Perry was born in Kansas City, and attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After graduating, Mike landed his first design job at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia. Fate, or rather, a girl, drew him out to Brooklyn, where his career as an artist took off. Mike has created art for clients worldwide, and has amassed quite an impressive body of work. Let’s find out more about him.

Did you have a “big break” that really put your name out there? How did you get started?

I might say that my big break was the publishing of my book Hand Job – A Catalog of Hand Drawn Type and my moving to Brooklyn, NY. As for how I got started after graduation from college. I got hired by Urban Outfitters as a designer. I moved to Philly and started my life on the East Coast.

You are quite well-known for your hand-drawn type. Could you take us through the process of that?

The best part about hand drawn type is that it is pretty easy going and really every time anyone writes anything with a pen or pencil they are kinda drawing type. So for the process I really just spend time exploring the letter forms that I make and they end up turning into the type that I make. Its kinda like when I was a kid and I practiced writing my name over and over to learn how to write. I also really believe that type and language go hand in hand so I try and include that in my process.

Image from Needles & Pens Gallery

Are you more of a designer or an illustrator? How do the two relate?

No idea. For me they go hand in hand. Lately I have been calling myself a “maker” which allows me the opportunity to make anything.

You are very prolific. What’s a workday like, and how many projects are you juggling right now?

A bit crazy. I usually jump in each day and go until I am exhausted. How many projects…. Maybe 20…

What are three words to describe you and your work?

1. Happy
2. Exploratory
3. Wonder

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More of Mike’s work can be found at

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