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Meet the Artist: Meera Patel

We are stoked to unveil our new artist-designed range of long-sleeve pullovers to tide you through the chilly days. Not only are they soft and cozy, but they are also adorned with artful prints that make them a cut above your regular sweater.

To mark the launch of our new pullovers, we thought we’d let you, our readers, get to know the artists behind the designs. So we quizzed them about their aesthetic, inspiration, and to get into the spirit of the season – their holiday plans and favorite memories!

First up, we have Meera Patel, the illustrator and designer from the East Coast behind our ‘Stars Pullover’. Her works have a dreamy, poetic quality to them, and we could not be more thrilled to collaborate with her.



1. Please give us a quick introduction. How did you become an artist, where do you live? Your likes and pet peeves, and anything you’d like to tell us about yourself.

I’ve always been a creative soul, but I began seriously freelancing as an illustrator two years ago, after I graduated college with degrees in English & Journalism and began working full-time at a publishing company. It was really difficult for me to feel fulfilled after coming home from a day’s work, and I missed being challenged creatively, so I began freelancing on nights and weekends. It was almost immediately evident that my heart only felt at home when I was drawing – clamoring about with paints and pens, discovering ways to make an idea or feeling into something tangible, beautiful, new. Besides illustrating, I really like writing my own stories (usually creepy/endearing), reading (mostly poetry and fiction), and falling asleep during movies.



2. When I saw this design, I immediately fell in love and contacted you right away. Can you tell us a little bit about the origin of this design?

This design was originally inspired by Gregory David Robert’s novel, Shantaram, which simply reminded me that everything we see and touch was born at the heart of a star. Everyone, too: our bones, blood, souls. It seems romantic, but it’s really just a simple way to keep better perspective.


3. Please tell us about your favorite holiday memory.

What I remember best (and most fondly) about the holidays are spending them in the kitchen with my sister, making all sorts of wonderful cookies, breads, and other baked goods. We always make a slew of treats and decorate them ridiculously, gifting whatever we don’t immediately inhale to friends & family!


4. What are your plans for this upcoming holiday?

My sister lives in Boston now, so I’m planning on visiting her for Thanksgiving and around Christmas. Other than that, I’ll be surrounding myself with friends, family, and food. Simple holidays are usually the best, aren’t they? Less hassle. More time to eat and smile. We’ve already had our first snowfall here on the East Coast, but I’m certain I’ll be stomping around in more of that as well.

5. Would you tell us some of your favorite items on that you’d love to receive for the Holiday?

Honestly, it’s awful to only be able to choose a few, but I love the following:

1. Themis Trio Mobile
2. Symbols Necklaces
3. Bamboo Toothbrush Set
4. Birds of Feather Plate Set


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