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Meet the Artist: Karolin Schnoor

For this holiday season, we are so smitten by our beautiful new wrapping paper that makes bundling up even the most simple of gifts feel extra special. Designed by Karolin Schnoor, a German freelance illustrator and designer based in London, it is dressed in a botanical pattern screen printed by hand with highly pigmented gold ink.

Karolin is also the designer behind the Garland Pullover, part of our new line of women’s pullovers. In our latest ‘Meet the Artist’ feature, we ask Karolin about her inspiration and in the spirit of the season, her Poketo picks for the holidays.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about the origin of the design for the wrapping paper?

I wanted to do something simple and clean and a floral pattern just didn’t seem right for Christmas (my usual go-to subject) so I decided on some berries and fir-tree branches, can’t go wrong with a seasonal classic!



2. How about the shirt design?

I was working on the shirt designs and wrapping paper at the same time and I actually find it quite helpful to work in that way. It’s good when you have a starting point and create a complimentary design to something you already made. So the shirt design is a bolder design, picking up on the shape of the berries in the wrapping paper pattern.


3. Please tell us about your favorite holiday memory?

I’m from Germany so Christmas there is pretty great. All my childhood holidays were snowy white which is all you really need when you’re a kid. We also celebrate on the night of the 24th which means you can spend all day in suspended anticipation. I think my favorite Holiday memory might be one I can’t recall but that my mother told me about. When we were very little, a neighbor would play Santa for my brother and me and one year it suddenly dawned on me what was happening. I consulted with my parents and we all decided I would keep quiet for the benefit of my younger brother who was still totally fooled. I felt very clever for figuring it out and was excited to be in on the secret.


4. Tell us about your plans for this upcoming Holiday?

I plan to eat lots of potato salad which is a German Christmas tradition and drink Glühwein on the Christmas market in my hometown of Potsdam. The wooden booths that make up the market have been the same since I was a kid and they have scenes of the Grimm Fairy tales painted on them (rather badly to be honest). It’s the best. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for snow as we didn’t have any last year.

5. Would you tell us some of your favorite items on that you’d love to receive for the holiday?

I’m partial to these:

1. Handprinted Leather Clutch
2. Japanese Enamel Kettle
3. Forget Me Knot Ring
4. Agenda Planner


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